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This was gonna be a two-part series So with the second part I wanted to see: “Is there was a pecking order among foreigners when it comes to dating? But He said something in that video…you may think that somebody that’s grabbing girl’s heads and pushing them down…that would be the part that would disturb me/struck me most in this video.” Yesterday a friend of mine showed me a video about a pickup artist who went to Tokyo and just went nuts dating and said and he had so much success with Japanese women and he was talking to his “students” about it. …Crazy.” In some of the little video clips, he was saying that he would walk up to Japanese women, grab them by the head and do this (gesture). But actually he said something in that video that struck me a little bit more.So this guy was a Caucasian male, I’d say maybe…mid to late 20’s…I’m not sure. And then if they got upset about it, he’d just say “Pikachu” or “Pokemon.” You can just grab a girl’s head and be like … And I wanted to show you a clip of this, please take a look. But Is there a pecking order among foreigners when it comes to dating.[VIDEO CLIP OF TOKYO PICKUP ARTIST] Crazy ain’t it?!? In this case I’m gonna say “No.” Granted I do a lot of white males who have had a lot of success here, I do.Some even have outlandish décor such as medieval castles or Arabic harems.

Most gaijin girls I know aren’t attempting to follow the Japanese model of femininity (especially as we can’t even fit into the clothes) but this can make us feel rather unfeminine (6 out of 7 days we feel like a big, hairy man).

When you live in a culture that sees you as superior, you start to believe it.

As a gaijin, I no longer had to compete with the other girls around me; I was different and special, and so didn’t have to play by any of the societal rules that Japanese women were forced to play by. I could be all of the gaijin girl stereotypes: loud, crazy, different and drunk.

(GROSS) I spent a lot of time not dating, let’s put it that way. But that’s because if you stay in your apartment, YOU’RE NOT GONNA FIND ANYBODY! It was hard for me to find a place to actually go to date people.

If you don’t go to clubs or bars in Japan, where do you go to meet people in Japan?

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Kissing in public isn’t really on but there’s no shame in suggesting a visit to the nearest love hotel.

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